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A simple parser to convert activities from runtastic to a basic GPX format. This can be used to export rRuntastic activities and import them into Strava or other services.

Hint: as for now, you can only import date and GPS data, e.g. you heartrate can not be imported


1. Export your data

To export your activities out of Runtastic, you need to login into their Web-App

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to your profile > Settings. In the settings menu you can find a point called "Export". There you can request all your personal data stored by runtastic. After few minutes you will get a mail with a download link.
  3. Downloading the package of your whole personal data. The package contains a folder 'Sport-sessions'. This folder includes all your activities in seperated JSON files.

We only need the sub-folder Sport-sessions/GPS-data - not the whole folder. This export does include all your other data too.

2. Convert your data

Download the runtastic-activitiy-parser.jar release from the Github page and the run

java -jar runtastic-activity-parser.jar ~/Downloads/runtastic_export/Sport-sessions/GPS-data ~/Downloads/converted-data

Now you have all your data in ~/Downloads/converted-data

Hint: Of course, source folder and destination folder are just examples and can be anything.

3. Import your data

This would be fro Strava, other can work too

  1. Go to
  2. Now upload all your converted data ( .gpx files ) from ~Downloads/converted-data (you can select up to 25 files at once)


This is a Java Project build with maven. Build the project with \

mvn package 


All of those to the initial authori mato1092 - he did the entire work.


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