Matlab class for controlling a Keithley 24XX sourcemeter
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Matlab program for J-V measurements with a Keithley 24XX sourcemeter This project contains device drivers and a corresponding class object for controlling a Keithley 24XX sourcemeter in Matlab. The implemented methods include standard current-voltage measurements, time resolved current-voltage sweep measurements, time resolved current-density point measurements, cyclic current-voltage measurements (MPP->JSC->VOC->JSC), and steady state tracking measurements of maximum power point, VOC, and JSC.

The main function is classKeithley2400.m, which will create a Keithley2400 device object for the Keithley 24XX (SCPI) family. There are two optional input parameters (string connectionType, string/int port), which can be also set after creation.

All methods are implemented into classKeithley2400_testscript.m and can be tested seperately. For running the program, a GPIB controller is required and the Keithley has to be set to SCPI. A serial connection does not work properly yet, since the Keithley does not allow reading buffered values during the measurement.

Tested: Matlab 2015b, Win10, NI GPIB-USB-HS+ Controller, Keithley KUSB-488B Controller, Keithley 2400, Keithley2410, Keithley2401

Due to a significant change in graphics handling with Matlab 2014b this program is NOT COMPATIBLE TO MATLAB 2014a AND BELOW.

Author: Eugen Zimmermann, Konstanz, 2016 eugen.zimmermann [at] uni-konstanz [dot] de

Based on publication: Characterization of perovskite solar cells: Towards a reliable measurement protocol Eugen Zimmermann, Ka Kan Wong, Michael Müller, Hao Hu, Philipp Ehrenreich, Markus Kohlstädt, Uli Würfel, Simone Mastroianni, Gayathri Mathiazhagan, Andreas Hinsch, Tanaji P. Gujar, Mukundan Thelakkat, Thomas Pfadler, and Lukas Schmidt-Mende

Last Modified on 2017-07-23


  • implement exceptions for serial connection (cancled, no asynchronus communication possible)
  • implement bytesAvailebleFunction for data readings

Version 1.1

  • error corrections in classKeithley2400_testscript.m and classKeithley2400.m
  • possibility to measure steady state at low temperatures

Version 1.0

  • initial release