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#MBTiles Server

Build Status

Minimalistic and "easy to use" server for streaming MBTiles maps.

This app allows you to quickly deploy and stream maps created by TileMill (or similiar) on your web site.

###Use case This application should help in situations when custom looking maps are required and Google, Bingo etc... maps can't help you with this. So the suggested approach would be:

  • find the geographic data source (e.g. Open Street Maps)
  • style and create MBTiles database using TileMill
  • stream the database with MBTiles Server

##Live Demo

Live demo can be found here here

Sample database that is used in the demo can be downloaded from here


  • Powered by Play and Akka frameworks
  • Tile requests are handled asynchronously
  • Small code base
  • Can be easily integrated with map viewer libraries like Leaflet.js

##Installation & Usage


  • Download and install Play framework or SBT
  • Clone this repository
  • If you have SBT installed: $ sbt clean compile stage
  • If you have Play installed: $ play clean compile stage


You can download compiled version from here


  • If you've built from the sources: $ cd target/
  • If you've downloaded already compiled version: unzip it and $ cd mbtiles-server-1.0/
  • Run server $ ./start -Ddb.default.url=jdbc:sqlite:<path to the mbtiles database>

By default server will start on localhost and 9000 port. You can change this with the following params:

  -Dhttp.port=1234 -Dhttp.address=

And the complete example:

  $ ./start -Ddb.default.url=jdbc:sqlite:/Users/eugene/maps/MyTestMap.mbtiles -Dhttp.port=80

###Usage As soon as you have your server running it will listen for requests like:


Where :

  • {col} - tile column number
  • {row} - tile row number
  • {level} - zoom level

###Integration You can integrate your map into the web page using Leaflet.js or similar libraries:

<script type="text/javascript">

    // set up the map
    var map = new L.Map('map');

    // url to the tile server
    var url = 'http://localhost/tile/{x}/{y}/{z}';

    //tms:true is required for the TileMill databases
    var layer = new L.TileLayer(url, {minZoom:12, maxZoom:16, tms:true});

    // set the viewport
    map.setView(new L.LatLng(46.4741, 30.7405), 12);

    //add layer to the map