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A simple TextMate bundle to run Python, Ruby, PHP, Bash scripts in without stealing focus from the TextMate window.
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Run in Terminal.tmbundle

Run in Terminal (TextMate bundle)

A simple TextMate 1.5 bundle to run Python, Ruby, PHP, Bash scripts in without stealing focus from the TextMate window. It can easily be modified to run %YOUR_FAVORITE_LANGUAGE%. If you added support for a new language, please make a pull request to update this repository or email your changes to the author.


  1. Download and extract the archive.
  2. Double click “Run in Terminal.tmbundle”. TextMate will then install the bundle.


Press Cmd + Shift + R to run your script. If any other bundles share this hotkey, TextMate will show a pop-up menu where you’d need to select Run in Terminal → Run Python/Ruby/PHP...:

If you don’t want this menu to appear, use Bundle Editor to edit out the hotkey from “conflicting” bundles or set a different hotkey for commands in this bundle.

How does it work

The bundle uses AppleScript to create (if necessary) a window running a GNU Screen session named “TextMate”, which receives commands to run your script. Such a window is internally referenced as an “executor”. After running a script, “executor” displays execution time measured with Unix time command.

For Python projects, the bundle respects TM_PYTHON environment variable (if set). If you use virtualenv, set TM_PYTHON to the full path to Python binary inside your virtualenv directory. Note that TextMate does not understand ~/..., use /Users/username/... instead.

Known problems

Only tested with TextMate 1.5.11 and Mac OS X 10.8 (“Mountain Lion”).

  • Sometimes the “executor” may take up to 30 seconds to initialize while displaying a message saying “New screen”.
  • Bash commands used to run scripts are saved in bash history as if a user typed them.

Credits & license

Written by Eugene / Dae (

Any feedback is appreciated. Feel free to use the code under the terms of the MIT License (see LICENSE).

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