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(VS Code extension) Refresh your web-browser with ⌘R without switching from Code. Only works on macOS.
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Refresh Browser (VS Code extension)


Refresh your web-browser with ⌘R shortcut without switching from Code. Only works on macOS!

Why macOS only?

This extension relies on AppleScript to communicate with the browser.

Which browsers are supported?

Safari, Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, such as Edge, Opera etc. Firefox is not supported, because it lacks the AppleScript API. For Firefox and other browsers, use @fabiospampinatoʼs Browser Refresh extension.

How is this extension different to @fabiospampinatoʼs Browser Refresh?

Refresh Browser (this extension) communicates with the browser directly via the browserʼs AppleScript API. For this reason:

  • it works slightly faster;
  • Code always stays in focus;
  • it can find a tab to refresh by URL (configure this behavior using the refreshBrowser.findTabByUrlStartingWith setting).

At the same time, it has limited browser support annd is unable to send a “force refresh” command to the browser.

@fabiospampinatoʼs Browser Refresh uses AppleScript to simulate the ⌘R keystroke in the browser window, resulting in Code window losing focus for a fraction of a second. The keystrokes method has its advantages: it can be used to simulate the “force refresh” keystroke (Cmd-Shift-R) and it is more universal in terms of browser support.

I need “force refresh”. What can I do?

Keep your browsers console always open and disable caching. Alternative solution: use @fabiospampinatoʼs Browser Refresh extension.


Click the Install button on the Marketplace, or run the following in the command palette:

ext install dae.vscode-refresh-browser


Press Cmd-R or select Refresh Browser in the command palette (Cmd-Shift-P).


  • refreshBrowser.browser — the browser to refresh, default: Google Chrome.

  • refreshBrowser.urlPrefixes(optional) Refresh the tab whose URL starts with one of the prefixes specified below. For example, if you add https://localhost, a tab whose URL is https://localhost/website/index.html will be refreshed. If there are multiple tabs with matching URLs, only the first one will be refreshed. If there are no tabs with a matching URL, the active tab will be refreshed.


If you have a problem or a suggestion, please open an issue on GitHub.


MIT License © Eugene Zuyev (

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