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Collection of questionably humorous git sayings.

git-jokes was started as a project for the #git IRC channel on freenode by
EugeneKay, wherein a new joke was placed in the topic every day. Being funny on
a continuous basis quickly becomes impossible, so jokes started to get reused.
This repo contains a list of (most of) these funnies, in an easy-to-digest form.

There is also a git plugin, so you can now type `git joke` and receive a random
joke! To use this, add git-joke somewhere on your $PATH. For example, you could
somewhere like /usr/local/bin.

All jokes are Copyright by Eugene E. Kashpureff Jr, except the ones that aren't.
If you are responsible for a joke, feel free to submit a Pull Request with a
whitespace edit on the line containing your joke, so that credit will appear in
`git blame` output. 

All jokes are dual-licensed under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public
License(WTFPL), any version and the GNU General Public License(GPL), version 3
or higher. This means you are free to use these jokes anywhere, with anybody,
for any purpose.

New jokes should be submitted as a Pull Request, adding to the end of the list.
If you're feeling lazy, you can email your submissions instead.


Collection of questionably humorous git sayings



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