Cafe get started

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Cafe is an intelligent build system for your client side app.

The main goals are:

  • Modular web application development.
  • Handy workflow.
  • Clear and simple configuration file.
  • Compilation from other languages to javascript.
  • Flexible, extendable and configurable build sequence (watch, bundle, minify e.t.c.)

For now the system is being under active development but it's already stable enough to be used in your projects. All ideas and proposals are welcome :)

Let's get started

To demonstrate the key features - let's create simple application. So create some test folder and cd to it.

  1. Install the latest version of cafe from npm npm install -g cafe4
  2. Run cafe init. This command will create init project structure:
|____cs                      # Client side app folder, for sources.
| |____recipe.yaml           # Main configuration file.
|____init.html               # Test html file with included result bundle file.
|____Menufile                # Menu file with build, watch, force and update commands for cafe.
|____public                  # Folder for built javascript bundles.

To be continued ...