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Approximation path and optimal selection of regularization hyperparameter for some machine learning problems.
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Safe Grid Search with Optimal Complexity.

This package implements a safe grid search strategy for hyperparameter tunning. We use a coordinate descent algorithm to solve the optimization algorithms (though the choice of coordinate descent is "arbitrary" here: indeed any other optimization solver can be used as soon as it can output a duality gap). The approximation path algorithms and their complexity are based only on the duality gap computation to quantify the optimality of a vector at a given regularization parameter.

See the paper for more details.

Installation & Requirements

We first need to install the optimization solvers safegridoptim and the compilation proceed as follows:

$ pip install -e .

This package has the following requirements:

We recommend to install or update anaconda (at least version 0.16.1).


  • Figure 1 is generated by (time<1s.)
  • Figure 2 is generated by (time<1s.)
  • Figure 3 (a) is generated by (time<3s. - make_regression(100, 500))
  • Figure 3 (b) is generated by (time<60s. - make_classification(100, 500))
  • Figure 4 (a) and (b) are generated by (time<2s. for a; time<2mn. for b;)
  • Figure 5 (appendix) is generated by
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