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This are the sources of The site is based on Spring and facilitates Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA and more really useful technologies. Find the annoucement here, a detailled readme respectivly blog post is on the way.

There's a lengthy blogpost about some of the stuff used here and how it's applied:

Spring Boot based site and api for EuregJUG

About upgrades and new Spring Boot 1.4 features: upgraded to Spring Boot 1.4

EuregJUG as a usecase for integration tests:

Integration testing with Docker and Maven


This site is a maven project. The maven build needs Docker for integration testing. Please install it for your platform before running

mvn clean install

That should be all.

Running locally

When running from an IDE, the application expects a local SMTP server on port 25000 and a MongoDB instance on the default port. If you use mvn spring-boot:run you also need a local Redis. To make your life easier, the build file provides those as docker images as well. The SMTP server is based on Michael Simons' groovy-mocksmtp. To create those images use

mvn docker:build

Running and stopping them is as easy as

mvn docker:start
mvn docker:stop


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