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donya Bug fix for multi-device Mac infinite playback
Mac infinite playback was still giving warnings/errors after stopping with Ctrl+C in situations where multiple available MIDI inputs/outputs exist. There is also a rare situation in which the default MIDI output device is the first in the list of outputs but getDefaultOutputDeviceID returns None (typically happens after a MIDI device has had trouble for some reason). These cases are now both handled.
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Version 2.0.5
Last modified: 26-June-2018
 _____      _                             
|  ___|    | |                            
| |__ _   _| |_ ___ _ __ _ __   ___  __ _ 
|  __| | | | __/ _ \ '__| '_ \ / _ \/ _` |
| |__| |_| | ||  __/ |  | |_) |  __/ (_| |
\____/\__,_|\__\___|_|  | .__/ \___|\__,_|
                        | |               

  Donya Quick <>

  Paul Hudak
  Eric Cheng
  Hai (Paul) Liu
  Donya Quick 
  Dan Winograd-Cort 

Euterpea is a domain-specific language embedded in Haskell for 
computer music research, education, and development, providing 
both note-level and signal-level abstractions.  It is a descendant 
of Haskore and HasSound, and is intended for both educational purposes 
as well as serious computer music applications.  Euterpea is a 
wide-spectrum DSL, suitable for high-level music representation, 
algorithmic composition, and analysis; mid-level concepts such as 
MIDI; and low-level audio processing, sound synthesis, and instrument 

See the License file for licensing information.

If you are experiencing a problem with Euterpea, please first check the 
GitHub version of the library:
Bugs still found in the GitHub version should be reported using the 
issues page:

PULL REQUESTS WILL BE IGNORED. Bug fixes should be submitted through
the issues page with a detailed explanation of the alterations.

Please send any other questions and comments to Donya Quick 

Installation instructions and additional examples are available at
the Euterpea website: