(Deprecated) Brackets extension for JSCS
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A Brackets extension that enables JSCS validation for Javascript files. For more information about JSCS see https://github.com/jscs-dev/node-jscs.

JSCS can be configured by a .jscsrc or .jscs.json file located somewhere in your project.


This extension is going to be deprecated soon. JSCS is being merged into ESLint. As such, there is going to be no more need it. Use the wonderful brackets-eslint extension instead.

I will still happily accept Pull Requests if you wish to fix issues, but I will no longer be actively working on it.



  • Install the extension from the Brackets Extension registry
  • Go to Help > Show Extensions Folder
  • In the extensions folder navigate to /user/globexdesigns.brackets-jscs
  • Open a terminal to this folder and run npm install
  • Restart Brackets


If you have disabled the default Brackets JSLint service, you will need to manually enable JSCS in your prefs file:

  • Go to Debug > Open Preferences File
  • Make sure your language.javascript.linting.prefer definition includes "JSCS" as such:
"language": {
    "javascript": {
        "linting.prefer": [

Using with JSX

JSCS (and brackets-jscs) can be used to validate JSX files. To enable this, add this line to your .jscsrc file:

"esprima": "babel-jscs"

Note about Additional Rules

The extension supports the additionalRules for JSCS however, changes/additions/removals of additional rules will require your to close and restart Brackets before the extension will respect the changes.

Building This Extension

npm install
grunt build

A new ZIP package will be created in /build/.


Based heavily on brackets-jshint and brackets-eslint.