Native implementation of client to eos blockchain communication.
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At eva coop, we used to browserify and polyfill eosjs in order to sign transactions. also recently made their eosjs compatible with React-Native using the same method.

However, in production mode on a cellphone, the ecc signing is way too slow because of the javascript browserfying and polyfills. In order to diminish the signing time on our app and improve UX, we had to implement an android and iOS native implementations with an API for react-native.



According to our tests, the signature goes much faster on both Android and iOS. Tests are ran in production without the js debugger open (it uses the core-js from the computer instead of the device).

Platform eosjs browserify react-native-eos
iPhone 7 13.719 s 0.621s
Android 25 LG G3 15.110s 1.233s

Installation notes

This library was not tested with Expo. It needs XCode and Android Studio manual builds

npm install react-native-eos
react-native link


In your android/app/build.gradle file. Under the android{} add:

        sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
        targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8

The project needs Java8.


Your build needs to work with Swift. In order to do that Right click on your project and choose Add new file in the same directory as your AppDelegate.m entrypoint file. Name it whatever you want since it won't be used, we just need your xcode build config to handle Swift.

Select yes when prompted to create a Swift bridge header file.

Leave this file empty.


Import the lib

import ReactNativeEos from 'react-native-eos'


ReactNativeEos.setUrl('http', 'localhost', 8888);

Get chain info

ReactNativeEos.getInfo(info => {
	console.log('info', info);

Send action

actionData = {
  "from": "eva",
  "to": "m1evfycor1b1",
  "quantity": "10.0000 EVA",
  "memo": "fast?"
ReactNativeEos.pushAction('eosio.token','transfer', JSON.stringify(actionData),'eva','active','5KC4AhWMFzRa3xnKDPZTYnmyANG7JDuzrruxAzvxozkTnj9QUjT').then(trxResponse => {
    console.log('trxResponse', trxResponse);


This API with react-native would not have been possible without the work of the following libraries:


  • Add get table
  • Integrate native wallet API
  • JSON response on iOS
  • Support multiple actions in transactions
  • Support multisigs