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Games made with TyranoScript



Relationship to original Japanese Fork

If you want the latest and greatest in Japanese, check here:

This is the English fork. If new features are introduced, I will localize as possible. If you want to bring a feature in, have a translation request in a particular file, or want to help out with translations, please let me know (@jsarcade or Translation status is at the bottom of this readme.

Main Features

Runs with HTML5 and JavaScript

Applications will run on iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
Also, using tools like PhoneGap, applications can be ported to be sold on the AppStore or Android marketplace.

Of course, games will also run on desktop browsers.
Using an expansion pack, you can also distribute games as Windows applications.

KAG3/吉里吉里(kirikiri) Compatible

TyranoScript is made with KAG3/吉里吉里 compatability in mind.
For that reason, windows games made with KAG3 can easily be ported to the web and smartphones!

Smooth integration with JavaScript

TyranoScript allows for using JavaScript freely throughout.

Free for individuals or for businesses

Free to use as you wish, including commercially.
Original software is open source (MIT License) and free to the public.

How to Use

Check out the home page tutorial and tag reference.
(English users may want to stick to opening doc.html and index.html in a browser for now)

Tag Reference
(English users open doc.html in a browser for now)

Usage and Tutorial
(English users open index.html in a browser for now for the sample game)

Developing locally

Chrome or Safari are recommended.
When using Chrome, set the "-allow-file-access-from-files" property so that files in the local environment can be accessed.
Alternatively, you can serve files from a server on the web or locally.

As for using KAG, Check out this url:
(sorry non-Japanese speakers. There is not an equivalent doc.)

Terms of use

TyranoScript is free for commericial and non-commercial use. Modifications and improvements are permitted.
Author/tool cannot be liable for damages, setbacks, accidents, etc.




English Maintainer:



Making TyranoScript, the following source code, references, and programs were used:
・吉里吉里2 SDK (KAG・TJSのソースおよびドキュメントなど)
(kirikiri2 SDK(KAG・TJS source, document, etc.))
Copyright (C) 1997-2008 W.Dee

Release Notes

  • Ver2.60:
    Added MIT License

  • Ver2.50:
    Menu screen customization Interface
    TyranoScript Booster Pack

  • Ver2.40:
    Added Clear Frame Animation
    Added Transition Effect
    Other additions

  • Ver2.30:
    Support for save screen customization
    Added Fix Layer
    added tags: [savesnap][clearfix], etc.

  • Ver2.20:
    added glyph tag. Other fixes

  • Ver2.10:
    Windows Application export support

  • Ver2.01:
    Fixed FireFox sound Playback
    Added TG variables

  • Ver2.00:
    Improved application transformation

  • Ver1.01:
    fixed bug with [call] where label is not set and first command is skipped

  • Ver1.00: (2012 / 09 /24)
    Added [clickable] tag
    Added character tags
    Other bug fixes

  • Ver0.11:
    Made audio playback work in all environments (added FLASH fallback)

  • Ver0.10: (2012/09/10)
    Beta release

  • V0.01: (2012/08/21)
    Initial release!

Translation Notes

Contributors: Evan Burchard (@jsarcade), Cory Potwin (@cpotwin)

State of the translations so far:

  1. This readme ( - Done!
  2. Docs (doc.html) - Done!
  3. Source code comments - Done!
  4. Demo (index.html) - Done except for the menu screen.