A browser extension that adds various web developer tools.
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Web Developer Toolbar

Official Source Code Repository

The source code for the Web Developer Toolbar can be found on github.

	git clone git://github.com/chrispederick/web-developer.git

Feel free to fork it and patch.

Build Instructions

Web Developer Toolbar is currently using the Ant Build system. Using
debian-based distributions you'll have to install the following packages

	openjdk-6-jdk java-6-jre ant

You can use apt to do this

	apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk java-6-jre ant

You can build it by running in the build directory

	ant -f build/build.xml

This will generate two directories

	* ./build/chrome       ( the assembled plugin )
	* ./build/temp-chrome  ( build trash that can be discarded )

From here you can proceed to set up the plugin locally. For instructions on how
to do that reference the official Google tutorial: "Getting Started". Keep in
mind that `manifest.json` has been generated for you and can be found in the
newly generated `./build/chrome`.

	Tutorial: Getting Started: