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Github API integration module for Zend Framework 2

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Github Api Module for ZF2

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EdpGithub is a Wrapper for the Github Api based on Zend Framework 2 which uses Github API v3.


Main Setup

  1. Clone this project into your ./vendor/ directory and enable it in your application.config.php file.


Basic Usage

Here is short example on how to use

$client = $serviceManager->get('EdpGithub\Client');
$repos = $client->api('user')->repos('hounddog');

This would fetch all the Repositories for the user Hounddog


To use functionality which needs Authentication you have to first authenticate

$client = $serviceManager->get('EdpGithub\Client');
$client->authenticate('url_token', 'access_token');
$repos = $client->api('current_user')->repos();

You can also listen to the Event 'EdpGithub\Client', 'api'

$em->attach('EdpGithub\Client', 'api', function($e) use ($sm) {
    $client = $e->getTarget();
    $client->authenticate('url_token', $token /* your access_token here */);
} );


Please refer to the Wiki for a more detailed Documentation

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