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GitHub Enhancement Suite

v0.1 Pre-Alpha by Evan Coury


GitHub Enhancement Suite (GES) is a user script for adding some additional features to GitHub. It should work with most modern browsers. GES is able to perform some pretty awesome things by supplementing any GitHub page with additional information from the GitHub API.

The idea is to be the equivalent to what Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is to Reddit, but for GitHub.


  • When browsing lists of closed pull requests, you can tell the difference between pull requests which have been merged and which haven't. The icon next to a merged pull request will show as light blue, while unmerged pull requests will show red.

  • When browsing lists of pull requests, the target branch of the pull request is displayed for each pull request. This feature may work on private repositories only at the moment.

  • Convert issue IDs matching a certain pattern to links to your issue tracker.

  • Replace the GitHub favicon with a light version if you have a dark browser theme.

  • Integrated settings panel within the GitHub UI.

Planned Features

  • Making all features optional via the settings page.
  • Automated test suite for detecting regressions???
  • Various improvements to the pull request / code review process.
  • Improve the issue pattern/linking feature to be per-repo and support any arbitrary URL / pattern(s). Currently it is catered towards JIRA IDs and URL's slightly.
  • Whatever else I come up with.


After you install this script, you need to authorize it to access to GitHub API on your behalf:

Eventually this will be a more automated process.

Known Issues

  • GitHub uses pushState to update pages. The current hack in place to detect this and perform updates relies on a setTimeout() which is, for obvious reasons, not 100% reliable. The result is that occasionally GES will not update a page after it has changed/loaded. If this happens, you can just refresh the page and everything will work.


Just a little extra awesome for our fuzzy octo pal.






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