My sandbox for testing out and developing various aspects of ZF2.
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Evan's ZF2 Sandbox

Version 0.1.0 Created by Evan Coury


This is just an area for me to mess around with ZF2 and try out various concepts. You may use it for reference / learning, but please do not use anything in this repository for anything close to production use. Everything here is very unstable.


This is the easiest way to get the fully functional project, including the proper version of ZF2:

git clone --recursive git://

Next, copy config/autoload/database.config.dist.php to config/autoload/database.config.php and edit it with your database credentials.

Now, import the schema in data/fullschema.sql.

Try it out! Go to http://yourvhost/user and you should be greeted with a login screen. Also you'll have a guestbook at http://yourvhost/guestbook.

The interesting thing is that the EdpUser module is using Doctrine2 by default, while the MwopGuestbook module is using Zend\Db\Table, yet they are sharing a single configured PDO instance. Cool, huh?

By the way, you can switch the EdpUser module to use Zend\Db instead of Doctrine by simply uncommenting one line in config/autoload/module.edpuser.config.php.