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I'm a JavaScript programmer. I don't like C++ (especially when I can't use C++11). Sadly, I have to use it for school. I come from a world of "performance be damned" and high-level APIs, not a C-like background. I wanted to like C++, I really did.

Because I'm not allowed to use code I didn't write, I couldn't use things like Boost -- I had to roll my own.

After three years of dealing with C++, I was fed up. Before returning for my final semesters, I decided to write a library that made C++ a little more familiar.


  • replicate significant parts of the JavaScript standard library in C++ for familiarity
  • ignore regexes and functional stuff (no forEach, for example) -- we're not trying to turn C++ into JavaScript
  • performance is not important
  • aimed at small projects for school, not for your big C++ project
  • don't overload == to be like == in JavaScript; make it like ===
  • each component should be independent -- Array.join shouldn't return my string, it should return an std::string

Pull requests are welcome!

Supported stuff


from JavaScript

  • concat(Array) (only takes an array, unlike JavaScript)
  • indexOf(item)
  • join([string])
  • lastIndexOf(item)
  • length() (method, not a property)
  • pop()
  • push(item) (only takes one argument, unlike JavaScript)
  • reverse() (doesn't return the array, unlike JavaScript)
  • shift()
  • slice() (TODO)
  • sort() (TODO)
  • splice(index, howMany) (always takes two arguments, unlike JavaScript)
  • toString()
  • unshift(item) (only takes one argument, unlike JavaScript)

new stuff

  • contains(item) (alias of indexOf(item) != -1)
  • first() (get the first element)
  • isEmpty() (alias of length() == 0)
  • last() (get the last element)
  • size() (alias of length)
  • toStdVector() (returns a std::vector)


from JavaScript

  • operators: ==, +, +=, [] (not for assignment), !, <, >, <=, =>, ~
  • charAt(index)
  • charCodeAt(index)
  • concat(string)
  • contains(string) (strings only)
  • endsWith(string) (strings only)
  • String::fromCharCode(number) (only takes one argument, unlike JavaScript)
  • indexOf(string) (strings only)
  • lastIndexOf(string) (strings only)
  • length() (method, not a property)
  • replace(original, new) (strings only. Try replaceAll for global replace)
  • slice(beginSlice, [endSlice])
  • split (TODO)
  • startsWith(string)
  • substr (TODO)
  • substring (TODO)
  • toLowerCase()
  • toUpperCase()
  • trim()
  • trimLeft()
  • trimRight()

new stuff

  • isEmpty() (shorthand for length() == 0)
  • repeat(amount) (repeat a string)
  • replaceAll(original, new) (same API as replace but global)
  • size() (alias of length)
  • toStdString() (convert to std::string)


from JavaScript

  • E, LN2, LN10, LOG2E, LOG10E, PI, SQRT1_2, SQRT2
  • abs(value)
  • acos(value), asin(value), atan(value), atan2(x, y)
  • ceil(value), floor(value)
  • exp(value)
  • log(value)
  • max(a, b), min(a, b) (only takes 2 arguments; not 100% compliant)
  • pow(base, exponent)
  • random()
  • round(value)
  • sin(value), cos(value), tan(value)
  • sqrt(value)

new stuff

  • sign(value) (returns 0, -1, or 1)


from JavaScript

  • parseInt(string) (alias of atoi; not 100% compliant with JavaScript)


For usage, see test.cpp. It aims to serve as example and test.


Port some JavaScript to C++.




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