Small JavaScript library that deals with variable types. Abandoned. Add an issue if you want to take over!
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JSTypes (no longer maintained)

JSTypes is a small JavaScript library that does two things:

  1. Check if variables are of certain types (numbers, strings, undefined)
  2. Reliably create certain values (undefined, NaN, Infinity)

Note that you probably shouldn't use JSTypes unless you need it -- other popular libraries like jQuery and Underscore already have many of these methods. If you aren't using these libraries, then JSTypes might be of help!


var x = 1;
var y = new Number(22);
x instanceof Number;    // false; not what we want!
JSTypes.isNumber(x);    // true
JSTypes.isNumber(y);    // true
var x;
JSTypes.isUndefined(x);    // true
undefined = 10;            // this is terrible code, but it might get written!
JSTypes.isUndefined(x);    // still true
var x = 5;
undefined = 10;
x = undefined;                  // bad: x = 10
x = JSTypes.makeUndefined();    // good: x is now really undefined
JSTypes.isUndefined(x);         // true

I recommend (and do) move this library into your code's namespace if you're writing a library. Just replace all occurrences of JSTypes with your library's namespace.

For licensing info, see LICENSE.txt.


Here's everything in the API.

  • JSTypes.isNumber(toCheck) returns true if something is a number
  • JSTypes.isInteger(toCheck) returns true if something is an integer
  • JSTypes.isString(toCheck) returns true if something is a string
  • JSTypes.isBoolean(toCheck) returns true if something is a boolean
  • JSTypes.isArray(toCheck) returns true if something is an array
  • JSTypes.isDefined(toCheck) returns true if something is defined (will return false for undefined, or null, or NaN)
  • JSTypes.isUndefined(toCheck) returns true if something is undefined
  • JSTypes.isNAN(toCheck) returns true if something is NaN
  • JSTypes.isInfinite(toCheck) returns true of something is positive or negative infinity
  • JSTypes.makeUndefined() always returns undefined, even if it's stupidly redefined
  • JSTypes.makeNaN() always returns NaN, even if it's stupidly redefined
  • JSTypes.makeInfinity() always returns Infinity, even if it's stupidly redefined