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Persisted JSON objects for Node

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Requires Node 6 or greater.

This is an object that functions like a plain JavaScript object, but it saves itself to the file system after every change.

Basic usage

Install it like you might install any Node package:

npm install persisted-json-object --save

Use it just like a regular JavaScript object:

let jsonObject = require('persisted-json-object')

let obj = jsonObject({ file: 'data.json' }) = 'boo'

obj.temporary = 'soon to be deleted'
delete obj.temporary

obj.grue = 'you'

obj.coolNumbers = [420, 666, 69, 12]

After these changes, data.json will look like this (some formatting added):

  "foo": "boo",
  "grue": "you",
  "coolNumbers": [420, 666, 69, 12]

A few notes:

  • If data.json exists, it will load that data.
  • If data.json doesn't exist, it will be written as soon as you set a property.
  • Errors will be thrown if your object cannot be serialized as JSON.

What's going on?

This makes heavy use of proxies, which let you intercept object interactions. If you don't know about proxies, here's a simple example:

let obj = {
  yas: 'qween',
  hello: 'world'

let proxy = new Proxy(obj, {
  get: function (target, key) {
    if (key === 'yas') {
      return 'YAS QWEEN!!'
    } else {
      return target[key]

proxy.hello  // => 'world'
proxy.yas    // => 'YAS QWEEN!!'
proxy.ugh    // => undefined

You can intercept gets, but you can also intercept sets and deletes and everything else. That's basically what this module does—every time you modify a property, it saves it to the file system.


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