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HackTheWeb (Draft 0.01)

The concept is to build automaticated realtime pipes through services even if they do not expose API, in the goal of empowering people to build the next Web together.

Web is the most interconnecting place. it was build for that.
To be interconnected, you have to be open, value will come from the number of links used you have weaved. But our contemporary world is not ready yet to be open, lot of businesses and mind control is made by opacity, people keep thinking it is the good way to go to keep control of.
Others think we could open up our world now to share, aggregate, merge, create, and evolve every time quicker.

As we have created Machines to make us more productive, let's pursuit this way to his paroxysm.


HackTheWeb is designed to interconnect things through what User have access to.

e.g. :

  • Control your social data (twitter / facebook), servers / cloud / domain name, services
  • Extract local ads from many services and get notified when new product corresponding to your needs is on your area
  • Grab your bank accounts data, and find who is taking you too much money, as its competitors are really cheaper.
  • etc...

It's crowd hacking, so every one who want to participate could be part of the hack, by coding, crawling, storing, or just routing things to other need with a simple browser.

This will create a Multidimensional Augmented Web based on Human/Community point of view and not on Services one's

So let's Hack the matrix


[nickname] : representing @individual, !group, (secret agency), /dev/null

[online] : representing which is online on a LinkedSpace : nickname, resources, Hacklet, services

[resources] : reprensenting ressources offered by [online]s [browser]'s and [node]'s

[linkedSpace] : a Network of [online]s

[linkedObject] : a Network of [Object]

[linkedCode] : a Network of [Code]

[Object] : a state [Component]

[Network] : a Communicationnal [Component]

[Code] : a Processing [Component]


  • URI: reference identifier

  • Revision: a tracking-number identifier of the timed state of the object in a given environment

  • MetaData: data linked to the object for a given revision

  • stream: input: ouput: fullduplex:

  • object: URI of himself ?

[Hacklet] : a linkedSpace + linkedObject + linkedCode environement running on at least a browser somerwhere on the internet, or thousands of nodes.

URI Mapping

http://[nickname] : a Node, could be self-hosted by a community or anonymously be in the cloud or the outer-cloud





Cloud : community accepted hacklet

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