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Mutating World Open Innovation

Creating and Handling MetaStability of the Web

Web Evolution Timeline Web Evolution

As we are more interconnected to our world, things are going faster form birth to death.
But to survive those things on their environment have to create more and more interconnections.
When they die, all those interconnections just disappear.
Affecting each linked things that are by someway dependent.
Internet is growing faster and faster each day on a "multitude" of dimensions - Web Of (Services|Clouds|Things|Data|Semantic|Mobility|Sensor|Humans|Bots) -

Intelligence in the connections

So to get the rest of the story about our WebR?(e|E)volution we have to create new tools to enhance :

  • Economy : Value doesn't come from virtual things (data|video|blog|software) you created

    Value comes from links made and how they are used in their existence e.g. : does he forked ?

  • H?Openness : To create link, open your system

    Links is about interaction, more your systems is open more it can evolve and create links

  • Collaboration : Working alone is a really poor efficiency in our world

    Even lonely wolves could work on massively interconnected projects / games

  • Education : give a secure environment and let child & people, be more collaborative, and create things together.

  • Productivity : don't do things that a computer could do.

    e.g. : pre-web copy / paste concept doesn't have to copy data once, but to create a known link between nodes to stream not the data but data URI as ID

  • Efficiency : extract revelant information, easy to create valuable data

    Manage your data flow (Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Kids, Family, Car) and make you aware of the importance. use collective intelligence, semantic inferency, open architecture, etc..

  • Resiliency : things could die without impacting you too severely

    Things are born to die and to evolve, so keep in touch with his last known forked URI You always have quick alternative if all your stack is fully open sources

  • Experimenting : Interconnecting all those things doesn't have to be painful.

    All things created by others should be pluggable now to experiment in few minutes.
    e.g. :

  • MetaFactorysation :

    don't rely on things as they are at this moment Build MetaTools to create MetaProducts and MetaContents


RealTime: JSON message passing based protocol
Data : referenced by URI
Network : URI as access Point




Defintion : a process to build new tools using part of others


Definition : a Network Overlay


Definition : A Content build from part of lot of others contents ( video, audio, text, metadata)

Music & Video are media made by few peoples to express things trough human emotion, in a few time, they can share their universes, but ours is composed by thousand of them, we need tools to aggregate, concatenate, assemble, distribute Meta Contents.

... to be continued ...

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