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Easily get single-line version number for command line tool. Basically just a list of shell formulae for various tools
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whatver --- show minimal version information for programs

whatver is a super-simple python3 script that shows the version number of programs like grep and awk and anything else that people add to the list (mainly POSIX stuff now). It is incredibly easy to add new programs by just adding to the list in the script. You don't have to know anything about Python, really, to add things. Just figure out what the command line is to find the version of a program (filtering out any inessentials like warranty disclaimers and copyright notices). See the code. It's obvious what you have to do.

An example use:

$ whatver cc grep pic
- cc (GCC) 6.4.0
- grep (GNU grep) 3.0
- GNU pic (groff) version 1.22.3

The purpose of this is to use with my gutter-punk plain-text, command line "notebook" processor (something like a plain text version of something like Rmarkdown notebooks or Jupyter) Kallychore.

Not much else to say, really. I am adding to it as I need things, so if you add something, please sent me a pull request... whatever that is.

I use the Makefile by running

$ sudo make install

in order not to have to prefix calls to whatver with dot-slash. You can do that if you want. It's hard-coded to install to /usr/local/bin. Maybe somebody can suggest a more -- you know -- portable and smart way without me having to learn about configure scripts and all that.

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