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After reviewing our strategy in regards to deployment of Event Store on Kubernetes, we have decided to deprecate the Helm chart. While we believe that Helm charts are a great solution for deploying simple applications, we do not believe that they provide the comprehensive life-cycle management features that a distributed database like Event Store requires for real world operational use. As such we will be devoting resources to develop a Kubernetes operator that satisfies these requirements, for release at a future date.

For more information see this blog post.

Event Store Helm Charts

This repository hosts the official Event Store Helm charts.

Getting Started

  1. Install Helm. Get the latest Helm release.
  2. Add the Event Store Helm repo.
    > helm repo add eventstore
    > helm repo update
  3. Install Event Store. See the chart's README for instructions.

Contributing to Event Store Charts

  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Make your changes. Make sure to follow best practices.
  3. Make sure tests pass.
  4. Submit a pull request.


On Windows (you will need FAKE):

> fake build -f test/e2e-docker-desktop.fsx -t Test

On macOS:

> ./

Releasing a new version

  1. Bump the version in stable/eventstore/Chart.yaml
  2. Release a new version:

The release script packages the chart and updates the index.yaml accordingly


EventStore official Helm Charts




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