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The user interface for Event Store

Merge pull request #57 from EventStore/check-if-stream-exists

Check if the stream ID exists before we add it to the list of streams.

This helps resolve the situation where a recently created stream has been scavenged and deleted.
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James Nugent jen20 authored


this project is still under development - you can see changes on dev branch

The new user interface for Event Store. This is included as a submodule in the main Event Store repository.

Running new UI

Currently there are two ways to run the new UI:

  • Open index.html located int src folder in browser.
  • Execute gulp connect - this command gulp-connect run webserver with LiveReload (see dev section for info how to set up gulp if you are new to it) - gulp connect needs gulp to run, please see Dev information on how to install it.


To start developing it's best to install few things

1. install node.js if you havent done that already

2. install gulp.js

npm install -g gulp

3. install all node packages in project

npm install

4. (optional) you may want to install bower

npm install -g bower

to update packages

bower update

5. gulp commands avaliable

// starts webserver with live reload
gulp connect 

// execute jshint
gulp lint

// transforming html file tamples into anguler.js module
gulp html

// building project - creating minified version of css, js etc.
gulp dist
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