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1 parent 891980f commit 8ec98dbc2f24d9ee4380a2f422d7eba2c864d8c6 James committed Nov 7, 2012
10 src/EventStore/Scripts/ProtoGen/
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+$PROTOC_PATH --descriptor_set_out=ClientMessageDtos.TempDescriptors --proto_path=../../Protos/ClientAPI ../../Protos/ClientAPI/ClientMessageDtos.proto
+$MONO_PATH $PROTOGEN_PATH -p:fixCase -i:ClientMessageDtos.TempDescriptors -ns:EventStore.ClientAPI.Messages -o:../../EventStore.ClientAPI/Messages/ClientMessage.cs -p:umbrella="ClientMessage"
+$MONO_PATH $PROTOGEN_PATH -p:fixCase -i:ClientMessageDtos.TempDescriptors -ns:EventStore.Core.Messages -o:../../EventStore.Core/Messages/TcpClientMessageDto.cs -p:umbrella="TcpClientMessageDto"
+rm -f ClientMessageDtos.TempDescriptors
BIN tools/protoc/protoc
Binary file not shown.
15 tools/protoc/readme.txt
@@ -1,15 +0,0 @@
-Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format
-Copyright 2008 Google Inc.
-This package contains a precompiled Win32 binary version of the protocol buffer
-compiler (protoc). This binary is intended for Windows users who want to
-use Protocol Buffers in Java or Python but do not want to compile protoc
-themselves. To install, simply place this binary somewhere in your PATH.
-This binary was built using MinGW, but the output is the same regardless of
-the C++ compiler used.
-You will still need to download the source code package in order to obtain the
-Java or Python runtime libraries. Get it from:

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