Should request elevate and add HTTP ACL on Windows if not running as admin #46

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A lot of people run into the problem of:

[01848,15,15:10:37.036] ========= SystemInit: SingleVNodeController =========
[01848,15,15:10:37.051] Starting HTTP server on []...
[01848,15,15:10:37.051] Failed to start http server
Access is denied
[01848,15,15:10:37.098] Error while processing message EventStore.Core.Messages.SystemMessage+SystemInit in queued handl
er 'MainQueue'.
Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: 'System.Net.HttpListener'.
[01848,15,15:10:37.161] ========= SystemStart: SingleVNodeController =========
[01848,15,15:10:37.192] Starting TCP listening on TCP endpoint:
[01848,15,15:10:37.192] [] IS WORKING!!! SPARTA!!!111

When they aren't running as an admin on Windows. A more developer friendly approach to this might be to request elevation and then add to the HTTP ACL for the current user.

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This was implement in 94694a4.

@jen20 jen20 closed this Apr 6, 2014
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