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Do not install mono-runtime for mono build #62

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The get-mono script does install the mono-runtime via apt-get before installing it from source. This leaves the machine in a state where the mono-runtime is installed on two different locations. This is because the make install from the mono source also installs the mono runtime.


The script won't work if mono is not installed. Uninstall mono and try. If you have that part working we would be happy to accept it.



In order to use mcs and mono binaries during the build process which do not reside in your PATH, you can set two make variables, EXTERNAL_MCS and EXTERNAL_RUNTIME:

make EXTERNAL_MCS=/foo/bar/gmcs.exe EXTERNAL_RUNTIME=/somewhere/else/mono


We could make it use mono-lite instead I suppose. From the README:

    If you don't have a working Mono installation, an obvious choice
    is to install the latest released packages of 'mono' for your
    distribution and running; make; make install in the
    mono module directory.

    You can also try a slightly more risky approach: this may not work,
    so start from the released tarball as detailed above.

    This works by first getting the latest version of the 'monolite'
    distribution, which contains just enough to run the 'mcs'
    compiler.  You do this with:

        # Run the following line after ./
        make get-monolite-latest

    This will download and automatically gunzip and untar the
    tarball, and place the files appropriately so that you can then
    just run:

        make EXTERNAL_MCS=${PWD}/mcs/class/lib/monolite/gmcs.exe

    And that will use the files downloaded by 'make get-monolite-latest.

I don't care about it enough to want to write yet more build scripts ;-)


Thanks for the suggestions. I will toy around with a few options and update the pull request according to the outcome.

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1  src/EventStore/Scripts/get-mono
@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ apt-get install -y automake || err
apt-get install -y gcc || err
apt-get install -y build-essential || err
apt-get install -y gettext || err
-apt-get install -y mono-runtime || err
apt-get install -y mono-gmcs || err
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