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This wiki is no longer maintained and should not be used. Read the Event Store docs at

The latest version of the page you are currently viewing is available here.




This wiki contains the documentation for the open source version of the Event Store. Documentation is still a work-in-progress, and pull requests are accepted gratefully! Currently our blog has a lot more information on features which are not yet well documented here - a list of posts is below.

Binaries for the open source version, and information on the commercial versions (which add management and monitoring tools as well as commercial support) are available at the Event Store website ( If you have a commercial support contract, please raise support issues via ZenDesk. Our discussion forum is hosted on Google Groups.

The latest build of the .NET Client API is available as a package named EventStore.Client on NuGet. This is often more up-to-date than the version bundled with the server (which things like the test client utility use). Note: the Event Store server is versioned separately from the .NET Client API (and any others).

PLEASE NOTE: User projections are not enabled by default, however the projections engine is used internally for account management. If you want to run user projections, it is necessary to start using the --run-projections=all command line parameter (or equivalent as per the command line options page).


###Getting Started


###Cross-API Concepts


  • Overview
  • Creating a stream
  • Writing to a stream
  • [Reading streams] (wiki/Reading-Streams-%28HTTP%29)
  • Deleting a stream
  • Stream Metadata
  • [Optional HTTP Headers] (wiki/Optional-Http-Headers)
  • [Setup] (wiki/Architecture-Setup%28HTTP%29)
  • [Security] (wiki/HTTP-Security)
  • [Setting up SSL in Linux] (wiki/Setting-Up-SSL-In-Linux)
  • [Setting up SSL in Windows] (wiki/Setting-Up-SSL-In-Windows)
  • [Setting up Varnish in Linux] (wiki/Setting-Up-Varnish-In-Linux)



Note: Projections are still experimental and as such we have not yet documented them here. However, there are two series of blog posts about how they can be used, which are listed below under the Related Blog Posts section below.


  • Implementing a Client API

##Related Blog Posts

The following blog posts talk about the Event Store and may be useful for features that aren't yet documented here. If you know of any others, please let us know!

###Event Store Blog - Getting Started Series

###Event Store Blog - Projections Series

###Rob Ashton - Projections Series

There is also a video of Greg Young's "In The Brain" session recorded at SkillsMatter in London about using projections for Complex Event Processing.

###Other Posts

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