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The .NET Client API communicates with Event Store over TCP, using length-prefixed serialised protocol buffers. The API allows for reading and writing operations, as well as for subscriptions to individual event streams or all events written.


The EventStoreConnection class maintains a full-duplex connection between the client and the Event Store server. EventStoreConnection is thread-safe, and we recommend that you create one instance per application.

All operations are handled fully asynchronously, returning either a Task or a Task<T>. If you need to execute synchronously, call .Wait() on the asynchronous version.

[!NOTE] To get maximum performance from the connection, we recommend you use it asynchronously.

Quick Start

The code below shows how to connect to an Event Store server, write to a stream, and read back the events. For more detailed information, read the full pages for Connecting to a Server, Reading Events and Writing to a Stream

var connection =
    EventStoreConnection.Create(new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Loopback, 1113));

// Don't forget to tell the connection to connect!

var myEvent = new EventData(Guid.NewGuid(), "testEvent", false,
                            Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("some data"),
                            Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("some metadata"));

                               ExpectedVersion.Any, myEvent).Wait();

var streamEvents =
    connection.ReadStreamEventsForwardAsync("test-stream", 0, 1, false).Result;

var returnedEvent = streamEvents.Events[0].Event;

Console.WriteLine("Read event with data: {0}, metadata: {1}",