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The stream database optimised for event sourcing
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Event Store

The open-source, functional database with Complex Event Processing in JavaScript.

This is the repository for the open source version of Event Store, which includes the clustering implementation for high availability.


Information on commercial support and options such as LDAP authentication can be found on the Event Store website at

CI Status

Build Status


Documentation for Event Store can be found here


We have a fairly active google groups list. If you prefer slack, there is also an #eventstore channel here.

Release Packages

The latest release packages are hosted in the downloads section on the Event Store Website

We also host native packages for Linux on Package Cloud and Windows packages can be installed via Chocolatey (4.0.0 onwards only).

Building Event Store

Event Store is written in a mixture of C#, C++ and JavaScript. It can run on Windows, Linux and macOS using the .NET Core runtime. However, the projections library (which uses the V8 javascript engine) contains platform specific code and it must be built for the platform on which you intend to run it.

Windows / Linux / macOS


Build EventStore

Once you've installed the prerequisites for your system, you can launch a Release build of EventStore as follows:

dotnet build -c Release src/EventStore.sln -f netcoreapp3.1 -r <runtime identifier>

where <runtime identifier> needs to be replaced by the RID of the platform you want to build for.

The build scripts: and build.ps1 are also available for Linux/macOS and Windows respectively to simplify the build process.

To start a single node, you can then run:

dotnet bin/Release/EventStore.ClusterNode/netcoreapp3.1/<runtime identifier>/EventStore.ClusterNode.dll --db /path/to/db --log /path/to/logs

Note: The build system has changed after version 5.0.5, therefore the above instructions will not work for older releases.

Running the tests

You can launch the tests as follows:

dotnet test src/EventStore.sln

Building the EventStore Client / Grpc Client / Embedded Client

You can build the different clients by following the steps below. This will generate a nuget package file (.nupkg) that you can include in your project.


dotnet pack -c Release src/EventStore.ClientAPI/EventStore.ClientAPI.csproj /p:Version=6.0.0

Grpc Client

dotnet pack -c Release src/EventStore.Grpc/EventStore.Grpc.csproj /p:Version=6.0.0

Embedded Client

dotnet pack -c Release src/EventStore.ClientAPI.Embedded/EventStore.ClientAPI.Embedded.csproj /p:Version=6.0.0

Building the EventStore web UI

The web UI repository is a git submodule of the current repository located under src/EventStore.UI.

The web UI is prebuilt and the files are located in src/EventStore.ClusterNode.Web/clusternode-web. However, if you still want to build the latest web UI, there is a parameter in the ([<build_ui=yes|no>]) and build.ps1 (-BuildUI) scripts to allow you to do so.

Building the Projections Library

The list of precompiled projections libraries can be found in src/libs/x64. If you still want to build the projections library please follow the links below.


Development is done on the master branch. We attempt to do our best to ensure that the history remains clean and to do so, we generally ask contributors to squash their commits into a set or single logical commit.

If you want to switch to a particular release, you can check out the tag for this particular version. For example:
git checkout oss-v6.0.0-preview1

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