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Culori is developed by Dan Burzo with the help of many collaborators, and released under the MIT license.

The library has been inspired by Mike Bostock's D3.js and Gregor Aisch's chroma.js: they have popularized color science in the browser and provided a blueprint for a color manipulation API. I have learned a tremendous amount by reading through the documentation the source code while developing Culori. D3, in particular, has been a treasure trove of ideas and pointers to academic references.

I pronounce the name of the library as [kuːlori]. Culori is the Romanian word for ‘colors’. The logo is typeset in Hatch by Mark Caneso.

The code is formatted with Prettier, upkept with ESLint, tested with tape, and bundled with esbuild. This website is statically generated using Eleventy and published to GitHub Pages.