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Color functions for JavaScript

Culori is a JavaScript color library that supports the conversion and manipulation of all formats defined in the CSS Colors Level 4 specification, plus additional color spaces. It handles color differences, interpolation, gradients, blend modes and much more.

npm install culori

Get started

What sets Culori apart?

A function-oriented API. Colors are represented as plain JavaScript objects you pass through a series of functions, which makes it super easy to extend.

Accurate alpha. On the alpha channel, the library doesn't equate an undefined value with an opaque color, but rather with a color for which we don't care about the opacity. This gives you the opportunity to interpret undefined as you see fit. The hex string #ff0000 should probably be rendered as fully opaque red, but for running functions on colors it's useful to discern #ff0000 from #ff0000ff — the former has an implicit alpha of 1, while for the latter it's explicit.

Comprehensive functionality. Build advanced color tools with Culori's rich collection of color spaces and functions.

Tree-shakeable version available. When you're ready to optimize for bundle size, switch to a tree-shakeable version of the library.