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Evergine Samples

This repository contains all the samples code that are part of any topic under the last Evergine stable version based on .NET 6.

We are using different Github repositories to make it easy to download each of them individually. The complete list of samples is using Evergine 2023.3.1.1 and to build these you only need to restore the Nuget dependencies and build the project respectively.

Samples list.

Vehicle Physics Sample

This sample shows how you can use Evergine to perform vehicle physics simulations that interact with other physics elements.

alt Vehicle Physics Sample

Source Code:

Physics Joints Sample

This sample shows the different types of physics joints that you can use Evergine to enhance your physics simulations.

alt Physics Joints Sample

Source Code:

NeRF Demo

In this NeRF sample you can explore Neural Radiance Field technology using Evergine. You can navigate through a NeRF scene and use this code base to extend and explore new possibilities.

NeRF sample

Source Code:

XRV Sample

Sample of our XRV library (preview) working within its public modules.

alt XRV sample

Source Code:

XR Sample

This demo shows how you can use Evergine in an VR application using OpenXR. In this sample you can control a robot arm using your motion controllers

XR sample

Source Code:

Raytracing Demo

This is a toy path tracer that shows how to implement advanced raytracing effects as Soft Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Global Illumination, or Antialiasing using the common raytracing API include in Evergine.

Path tracer Demo

Source Code:

Automotive Demo

This demo shows how you can use Evergine in an automotive application environment. It uses a simple WPF user interface integration with Evergine to control different parts of the car.

alt Automotive Demo

Source Code:

Smart City Demo

This demo uses a backed map 3D model to implement a simple interaction and navigation.

alt Smart City Demo

Source Code:

Digital Twin Demo

Digital Twin Web application sample (WebGL) based on a solar energy field. It simulates a time-lapse and how users could check different measurements related to tracker angles, voltage, or intensity.

alt Digital Twin Demo

Source Code:

Mixed Reality Demo

Evergine.MRTK is a project that provides a set of components and features used to accelerate cross-platform XR application development in Evergine.

alt MRTKDemo

Source Code:

UI API integrations

This demo shows how you can integrate Evergine in an application using the WindowSystem. The Windows Forms and SDL uses the full window to render the application and the WPF sample demonstrates a way to include a Evergine renderer and how it can interact with WPF controls.

alt UIAPIIntegrationsDemo

Source Code:

Particles demo

This demo uses the power of compute shaders to simulate differents particle system scenarios.

alt Particle Demo

Source Code:

Area Lights demo

This demo uses the Evergine Area Light capabilities to create special soft light effects.

alt AreaLightsDemo

Source Code:

The standard post-processing graph

This demo scene uses Evergine with .NET 6 support. The new Post-processing graph is used with several effects such as Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), Screen Space Reflection (SSR), Temporal Antialiasing (TAA), Depth of Field (DoF), Bloom, and Tonemapping and you can check it on DirectX11, DirectX12, and Vulkan.

alt PostProcessingDemo

Source Code:

ImGui, ImPlot, ImGuizmo and ImNodes demo

This sample shows how to use the ImGui extension in Evergine. The sample includes code for test the ImGui, ImPlot, ImGuizmo and ImNodes.

alt ImGui Demo

Source Code:

Low Level API

Set of samples using the Low-Level abstraction API over Vulkan, DirectX, OpenGL, Metal.

alt LowLevelAPIDemo

Source Code:


This repository contains all the official samples of Evergine.