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Everipedia Network Software Roadmap

This document is the roadmap for the Everipedia Network EOS software for calendar year 2018.

Everything contained in this document is in draft form and subject to change at any time and provided for information purposes only.

Phase 1, June 2018 - IQ Airdrop to EOS Genesis Balances

IQ token contract deployed to EOS main network

Using the EOS genesis balances, 51% of the 10 billion IQ tokens will be airdropped to EOS holders.

IQ tokens will begin moving freely on the EOS main network.

Phase 2, July-August - EP Article contract deployed to EOS main network

eparticlectr contract deployed to EOS main network. Anyone with an EOS username and EOS + IQ tokens can edit Everipedia articles. front end MVP released website for viewing articles and generating edit transactions through Scatter (and other wallets) released. Open source of front end on Git repository.

Full IPFS Support

IPFS updater script released. Anyone with an EOS client + IPFS daemon can host EP Network articles from around the globe.

Phase 3, September-October - Minimum Viable Governance Contract Release

epgovernance EOS smart contract deployed to main network. Testing governance using IQ token holder voting begins on main network.

Changing EP Network Contract Updates to Multisig Governance

Everipedia International will revoke their private key permissions to update any EP EOS contracts and permanently move 100% of updates and decision making to IQ token holders.

Phase 4, November-December - Full Decentralization, Multiple Front Ends

Everipedia International employees and company will transition over to normal community members of the software and work on ecosystem projects like new front end software for the EP Network.