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🦀 binary-install monorepo

This repository contains two JavaScript packages orchestrated by Lerna, located in ./packages, and an example Rust binary in ./example-binary.

Project structure


This package is published to npm as binary-install and provides convenience functions for distributing binaries via npm.


This package is used to test binary-install and to show an example of a project that uses binary-install. It is configured to download pre-built binaries from the GitHub releases hosted in this repository.


This is a Rust package that simply takes some -c arguments, counts how many you passed, and prints the result to stdout. New versions can be automatically published to GitHub releases with the GitHub Actions workflows in this repository.


This project is maintained by me when I have time. This project has been built for my needs and my needs only, and I do not provide any guarantees on response time to issues or PRs. Not saying I won't accept contributions, they just may take a bit of time to see the light of day.


This repository contains a few GitHub Actions workflows that help to automate code quality in this repository.


We use prettier to format the JS in this package. CI will run npm run fmt:check to make sure everything is in line. Before pushing up changes on a branch, you should make sure to run npm run fmt from the root of the repository to make sure that this check does not fail.


We use jest to run a few tests in binary-install. You can run npm test from the root of the repository to run these tests locally.

We use cargo to run a few tests in example-binary. You can run the tests with cargo test in the example-binary directory.


We currently publish binary-install manually from the command line, but example-binary packages are published with the release_rust GitHub Actions workflow. Running git tag -a 'rust_v1.0.0' -m 'rust_v1.0.0' && git push --tags will kick this workflow off.


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