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Warning: Evernest is still under development. Some features may not be fully implemented yet.

Evernest is an easy-to-use event store service.

A large part of daily data comes from different kinds of log output and is not easy to manage. It can be found in different places and with different representation format.

Evernest provides a simple unified way to store and visualize event-driven data, thanks to a flexible API combined with a nice user interface.

Main features

  • Easy-to-use For both programers and administrators.
  • Open Source You can install and use your own clone of Evernest. Feel free to customize it!
  • Multiple streams Manage many data streams.
  • Rights managment Securize your programs' data access with user rights.


If you want to use Evernest as a client, you may need to read the following pages:

Contributors Documentation

If you intend to hack on Evernest source code, these documentation pages are for you:

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