Coding Guidelines

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This documents aims to help newcomers to understand how to have their work fit the project and avoid style conflicts. It is recommanded to everybody to:

  • Read it carefully before contributing.
  • Complete and modify it such as it is always up to date and coherent with the actual code.

Follow C# guidelines

C# comes with a great bunch of general guidelines such as braces position, variable naming, etc. Please respect them. We use to develop with VisualStudio and Resharper that help a lot respecting these conventions, but as soon as you follow it, there is no required tool (but git, of course).

Avoid changes in folder layout

It is easy to break a lot of stuff when moving or renaming a folder. Please do it carefully and in isolated commits such as it will be easy to revert. Furthermore, it is hard to follow for contributors too when there are a lot of refactorings.

Support APIs

APIs must be designed such as they can seamlessely be updated. I mean without breaking everything. If it happens, please organize the merging some times before and have it work in a separate branch.

Identify ressources by IDs

Objects names, as strings, are just commodities for display purpose only. Although users may never see them, all internal mechanismes MUST use IDs to manipulate objects. It is some kind of Contract in the sens that although an object could be renamed, its ID will never change.

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