Project Organisation

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Evernest is parted into four projects:


EvernestBack provides the core stream primitives: stream creation, data recovery, and the event primitives: Push, PullRandom and PullRange. It manage the storage by interacting directly with Microsoft Azure (which can be locally emulated using the Azure SDK) and writing into binary blobs.


EvernestFront relies on EvernestBack to manage Evernest ressources: events, streams, users, sources, rights. It provides an internal API used by both the web API and the web interface.


EvernestWeb serves Evernest's website, which is also the web interface that users can go though in order to manage their Evernest account and data. The home page presents the project in an attractive way and then the About and Documentation pages presents it with more details. It manage user registration and login and then provide a fluent web manager for users' streams and sources.


Since the aim of evernest is to be used from a program as a cloud logging system, it provides a Web API that can do almost all what the web manager can do, except for some critical tasks such as deleting streams, allowing administration rights on a stream to a user, etc. The API specifiation is available here : API Reference

For more details about a given project, have a look at its own README file.

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