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Evervolv device repo for HTC Desire (GSM)
C++ C


Change-Id: I2c3e28c3714b3a615ce821d06aebc2b38b2d2a61
Signed-off-by: paolo-red1 <>
latest commit 95c9f04b1e
@paolo-red1 paolo-red1 authored
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liblights bravo: liblights/libsensors: LOG* -> ALOG*
libsensors Fix KITKAT build for BRAVO sensors.c
overlay bravo: Move old phone config.xml overlay to new KITKAT location
prebuilt bravo: clean up
tools Prep for evervolv Prep for evervolv Prep for evervolv Prep for evervolv bravo: add DEVICE_RESOLUTION for TWRP Prep for evervolv
README Prep for evervolv
board-info.txt Prep for evervolv
bravo-keypad.kcm bravo: update input/key configs
bravo-keypad.kl bravo: update input/key configs bravo: fix data connection Prep for evervolv Prep for evervolv Prep for evervolv
curcial-oj.idc bravo: update input/key configs
ev.dependencies bravo: dependencies: Remove branch in favor of default bravo: use lite builds
fstab.bravo bravo: wops, forgot this bravo: use lite builds Prep for evervolv
h2w_headset.kcm bravo: update input/key configs
h2w_headset.kl Prep for evervolv
init.bravo.rc bravo: wifi fixes for KITKAT
init.bravo.usb.rc bravo: update syntax on init.devicename.usb.rc
media_profiles.xml bravo: update values in media_profiles
synaptics-rmi-touchscreen.idc bravo: update input/key configs
synaptics-rmi-touchscreen.kcm bravo: update input/key configs
synaptics-rmi-touchscreen.kl bravo: update input/key configs
sysctl.conf bravo: p8, sysctrl, overlay update
ueventd.bravo.rc bravo: ueventd: set perms for ion dev


Device configuration for the HTC Bravo (Desire)

Copyright (C) 2011 The CyanogenMod Project

 Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 You may obtain a copy of the License at
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