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Remove dependency on is-board-platform-in-list to determine target

Change-Id: I58a1b1a35d7af865d2552e6c0a96fa22c0b44ed0
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1 parent a7198ce commit 95666ee25819f542e50af347113fce3ba6163a78 Ajay Dudani committed with Vineetas
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@@ -1,9 +1,5 @@
ifneq ($(strip $(USE_DEVICE_SPECIFIC_CAMERA)),true)
-MM_V4L2_DRIVER_LIST += msm8960
-MM_V4L2_DRIVER_LIST += msm8974
-MM_V4L2_DRIVER_LIST += msm8226
-ifeq ($(call is-board-platform-in-list,$(MM_V4L2_DRIVER_LIST)),true)
+ifneq ($(filter msm8960 msm8226 msm8974,$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM)),)
ifneq ($(USE_CAMERA_STUB),true)
ifneq ($(BUILD_TINY_ANDROID),true)
include $(call all-subdir-makefiles)

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