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Boundaryless Infinite ‘Smart Business Platform’
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Background of EWP

EXA Lab always had been researched about the convergence of blockchain technology with a commercialized service ecosystem, so we progressed the construction of ‘EMP’ which is a ‘media ecosystem’ related blockchain ecosystem. This is because starting from ‘media ecosystem’ as a pilot project, to find the way to ‘unification of every commercialized ecosystems’.

Nevertheless, EMP(Every Media Blockchain Platform) ‘media contents related reward system’ ecosystem has narrow based-area impossible to show its influence fully in the rapid changes of the era. It is not satisfying to confine key elements such as ‘service’, ‘reward’ and ‘payment’ into ‘media ecosystem’ and not acceptable to complete the reformation as one-time attempts, therefore, we are going to progress ‘platform rebranding’ as follows.

Boundaryless Infinite ‘Smart Business Platform’

EveryWhere Payment platform (EWP)

We are not only centralize in technology agreement with commercialize service but also consult mutual cooperation between all On/Off-line service businesses through EXA Alliance foundation to create blockchain based ‘smart economy ecosystem’

Mission of EWP

Despite the belief that cryptocurrency will replace preexistence fiats and various needs, there is a lack of participation from formal businesses and time goes by.

The mission of EWP is to build a new ‘payment system’ through understanding blockchain technology and commercialized services.

In order to our work reach innovation instead of just small changes, expand user population initial consumers to the public. To expand the user population must have a commercialized service ecosystem that satisfies the public demand.

EWP embodies through the payment structure ‘EVE’ coin and the commercialized ecosystem cooperation ‘EXA Alliance’. We will put maximum effort to maintain and expand the embodied ecosystem as above so that we will do best on the popularization of blockchain technology.

EXA Alliance Group Ecosystem (EXA Alliance)

The main business model of this project is the link between commercialized services and blockchain technology, it was built with the mission of 'connection' and 'transformation'. 'Connected' means the link between primary businesses, the link between users and the business and the user. 'Transition' means centered on user-oriented convenience among global countries and it’s various ‘transformation of numbers’

'Transformation of numbers' means the conversion of mileage, national currency, and national and cryptocurrency currencies, reducing the cost, the time, convenient exchange and easy payments, are the core value.

Refer consist of main business model as ‘EXA Alliance’ (EXA Alliance Group Ecosystem), Q1 of 2019, currently, five global businesses have formed a blockchain technology-based commercial business alliance. EXA Alliance will not rest on our current state of union, but we will achieve infinite expansion.

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