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1.3.0 (2018-08-01)

New features

  • Add Java 9 module automatic module names for jars. (#41)
  • Support pretty printing of ResultTables


  • Updated the versions of optional dependencies.

Bug fixes

  • Fix reference to @DalesbredInstantiator in exception message

1.2.5 (2017-08-25)

New features

  • Add optional fetch size and direction to SqlQuery (#37)

1.2.4 (2017-06-05)

New features

  • Add optional Kotlin-support; org.dalesbred.integration.kotlin package adds Kotlin extensions to Database.
  • Add updateUnique to Database (#32)

1.2.3 (2016-12-01)

New features

  • New convenience methods for QueryBuilder.

1.2.2 (2016-08-15)

New features

  • Add findOptionalInt, findOptionalLong and findOptionalDouble methods to Database.

1.2.1 (2016-04-12)

Bug fixes

  • org.slf4j:slf4j-api was marked as optional dependency in POM, although it's required.

1.2.0 (2016-04-12)


  • Use SLF4J instead of java.util.logging for logging (#25)

1.1.0 (2015-11-27)

New features

  • Allow annotating constructors with @DalesbredInstantiator to always use the annotated constructor instead of trying to detect constructor automatically. (#19)
  • Support binding arrays on Oracle, which does not support standard JDBC API.
  • Add dialect for H2. (#20)
  • Support property paths when binding (instead of just simple names). (#7)

1.0.0 (2015-05-29)


  • Relax SqlArray.of and SqlArray.varchars to accept any Collection instead of just Lists.

1.0.0-rc.2 (2015-05-17)

New features

  • Add support for registering custom key functions for native enums.
  • Fail faster if registering native enum conversion on Dialect that does not support native enums.

Breaking changes

  • Removed support for Guice and AOP Alliance.
  • Removed @DalesbredTransactional and TransactionalProxyFactory.
  • Removed support for transaction retries.

1.0.0-rc.1 (2015-05-14)

New features

  • Simplified API for registering enum conversions through TypeConversionRegistry. (#14)

Breaking changes

  • Renamed InstantiationException to InstantiationFailureException because the former was already used in java.lang.
  • Database native enums are no longer the default because they depended on ugly hack to guess the database type name. By default enums are bound using name, but you can use methods in TypeConversionRegistry to customize this.
  • Removed support for setting configuring default isolation level. If you need to set the default isolation, set it for the connections at your connection-provider.
  • Removed Database.getDialect. There should not be a need to access the Dialect directly.

1.0.0-alpha.4 (2015-05-08)

New features

  • New updateBatchAndProcessGeneratedKeys for performing batch updates and returning generated keys. (#9)
  • Guide for migration from 0.x. (#6)

1.0.0-alpha.3 (2015-05-06)

New features

  • Generalized findMap to allow more than one column for instantiating the value. (#2)

Breaking changes

  • Removed InstantiatorRegistry, Instantiator and related classes/methods from public API.
  • Moved TypeConversionRegistry to org.dalesbred.conversion and removed TypedConversion from public API. Register conversion functions to TypeConversionRegistry instead.
  • Removed getCount from NonUniqueResultException so that its possible to throw the exception without reading all rows from database.
  • ResultTable.getColumnTypes() now returns Type-objects. New ResultTable.getRawColumnTypes returns raw Class<?> -objects. Similarly getType in ResultTable.ColumnMetadata now returns Type and raw class can be returned with getRawType.
  • Renamed VariableResolvers.resolverForMap/resolverForBean to VariableResolver.forMap/forBean.
  • Made TransactionContext an interface instead of abstract class.
  • Removed Database.createTransactionalProxyFor. Use TransactionalProxyFactory.createTransactionalProxyForinstead.
  • Removed accessors for isolation Database. Database.getTransactionManager can be used to access TransactionManager for configuring these.
  • Removed support for configuring default propagation. Use propagation on per-transaction basis.

1.0.0-alpha.2 (2015-05-04)

  • Ignore underscores on Java fields and setters when resolving instantiators. (Fixes #3)
  • Reverted functionality of findUniqueOrNull and findOptional to return null/empty when single null result is returned.

1.0.0-alpha.1 (2015-05-02)

First alpha for 1.0 -version of Dalesbred. This is not source compatible with previous versions, but unless you have been using really obscure features, just renaming packages in imports should be enough.

New features

  • New family of findOptional -methods in Database, returning java.util.Optional values.
  • Added EmptyResultException as a subclass of NonUniqueResultException for case with zero results.

Breaking changes

  • Renamed base package fi.evident.dalesbred to org.dalesbred.
  • Other package renames:
    • fi.evident.dalesbred.dialects -> org.dalesbred.dialect
    • fi.evident.dalesbred.lob -> org.dalesbred.datatype
    • fi.evident.dalesbred.results -> org.dalesbred.result
    • -> org.dalesbred.integration
    • fi.evident.dalesbred.tx -> org.dalesbred.transaction
  • Moved some classes to new packages:
    • All annotations to org.dalesbred.annotation
    • All transaction-related classes to org.dalesbred.transaction.
    • fi.evident.dalesbred.SqlQuery -> org.dalesbred.query.SqlQuery
    • fi.evident.dalesbred.SqlArray -> org.dalesbred.datatype.SqlArray
    • fi.evident.dalesbred.ResultTable -> org.dalesbred.result.ResultTable
    • -> org.dalesbred.transaction.TransactionalProxyFactory
  • Moved classes that are technically public, but are not part of Dalesbred's supported API to org.dalesbred.internal.
  • Removed SqlQuery.confidential. Some database drivers will print the values passed to database in exceptions anyway, so the only safe way to make sure that values are not revealed inadvertently is not to show exceptions at all.
  • Removed NamedParameterQueries.namedQuery. Use SqlQuery.namedQuery instead.
  • Moved fi.evident.dalesbred.Reflective to test folder so that it's not visible in API.
  • Renamed fi.evident.dalesbred.Transactional to org.dalesbred.annotation.DalesbredTransactional so that it does not clash with Spring's @Transactional
  • Removed fi.evident.dalesbred.instantiation.InstantiationListener completely.
  • Removed fi.evident.dalesbred.connection.DriverManagerDataSourceProvider. New org.dalesbred.connection.DriverManagerConnectionProvider can be used instead.

0.8.0 (2015-04-08)

  • Support instantiating arrays and collections of instantiable types from database arrays.
  • Support binding collections as SQL arrays.

0.7.1 (2015-03-27)

  • Delegate PreparedStatement-binding to Dialects.
  • Added @DalesbredIgnore for ignoring constructors, fields and setters.

0.7.0 (2014-07-03)

  • Added support for ThreeTen, the backport of java.time.
  • Support for retrieving generated keys.
  • Use ResultSetMetadata.getColumnLabel instead of ResultSetMetadata.getColumnName to fetch names of columns in results as the latter didn't use column aliases on some databases. (Thanks to Christoph Gritschenberger.)
  • Added OSGi-headers to jar. (Thanks to Christoph Gritschenberger.)
  • Added SingleConnectionTransactionManager for third-party integration.
  • Migrated the build to use Gradle instead of Maven. (Shouldn't affect users in any way.)
  • Updated versions of the optional dependencies.
  • Minimum supported JDK version is now 1.6.

0.6.0 (2014-01-04)

  • Support java.time when running on Java 8.
  • Added withVoidTransaction method family along with VoidTransactionCallback
  • Added adapter for using Dalesbred's own @Transactional annotations with Spring.

0.5.4 (2013-10-23)

  • Fixed building Joda LocalDates from database timestamps.

0.5.3 (2013-10-23)

  • Fixed building Joda LocalDates from database dates.
  • Support adding sub-queries to QueryBuilder.

0.5.2 (2013-09-26)

  • Support native XML-types of databases.
  • Support converting InputStreams/Readers to and from blobs/clobs.
  • Fixed handling null values in conjunction with conversions on reflective bindings.

0.5.1 (2013-09-14)

  • Improved initialization hooks for Spring DalesbredConfigurationSupport.
  • Support configuring the way that enums are stored to database.
  • Fixed handling of null result values in MapResultSetProcessor.

0.5.0 (2013-09-02)

  • Integration with Spring Framework.
  • Support for pluggable transaction management strategies.
  • Added dialects for Oracle and MySQL.
  • Support converting Clobs to Strings and Blobs to byte-arrays.

0.4.0 (2013-03-17)

  • Support for named parameters in SQL-queries.
  • Remove underscores from database column names when mapping them to properties (ie. 'foo_bar' matches 'fooBar').

0.3.2 (2013-01-21)

  • Since many databases will uppercase or lowercase column names, ignore the case differences in names when finding setters or fields matching the result-set.
  • Removed required dependency to javax.inject. Now Dalesbred has no required dependencies to third-party libraries.

0.3.1 (2012-12-07)

  • Support for batch updates.
  • Log execution time of queries.
  • Changed most of the tests to use in-memory HSQLDB.
  • Added dialect for HSQLDB.
  • Added builtin conversions for java.util.TimeZone and org.joda.time.DateTimeZone.
  • Allow type conversions to be registered for interfaces in addition to concrete types.

0.3.0 (2012-11-22)

  • Support registering custom instantiators for types.
  • Added support for InstantiationListeners, which receive notifications whenever instantiators create new objects.
  • When configuring the system with Guice, newly instantiated objects will automatically receive Guice injections to their members.
  • More flexible reflection instantiation: if result has more column than constructor has parameters, the instantiator will try to set the extra columns using setters or direct fields access.
  • Pass more information about the results to instantiators.

0.2.5 (2012-11-14)

  • Added support for confidential query parameters, which never show up in logs.
  • Exceptions thrown when executing a query will reference the query that caused the exception to be thrown.
  • Changed the way that Isolation and Propagation are configured, so that the default isolation and propagation can be specified at Database-level even when using annotations.
  • Support for converting Transactional-annotation into TransactionSettings.
  • Support passing Provider instead of Database when creating TransactionalTests.

0.2.4 (2012-11-05)

  • Support for user defined type-conversions.
  • Optional Guice-support.
  • Optional support for AOP Alliance interceptors.
  • Bug fix: release InitialContext properly when looking up DataSource by JNDI-name.
  • Various small improvements.
  • Added this changelog.