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This plugin has been superceded by elasticsearch-analysis-raudikko, which is fully compatible with this plugin, but does not need native libraries, special permissions and extra configuration to install. It is also about two times faster than this plugin.

Voikko Analysis for Elasticsearch

The Voikko Analysis plugin provides Finnish language analysis using Voikko.

Supported versions

Plugin version Elasticsearch version
0.6.0 7.3.2
0.5.0 5.1.1
0.4.0 2.2.1
0.3.0 1.5.2

If you are not installing the latest version, follow the links in the table to see installation instructions for the old version.


Installing Voikko

The plugin needs libvoikko shared library to work. Details of installing the library varies based on operating system. In Debian based systems apt-get install libvoikko1 should work.

Next, you'll need to download morpho dictionary (for libvoikko version 4.0+, use morpho dict v5 instead). Unzip this into Voikko's dictionary directory (e.g. /usr/lib/voikko in Debian) or into a directory you specify with dictionaryPath configuration property.

Installing the plugin

Finally, to install the plugin, run:

bin/elasticsearch-plugin install

Security policy

Elasticsearch ships with a pretty restrictive security policy. Plugins can specify the permissions that they need in plugin-security.policy. However, elasticsearch-analysis-voikko uses JNA library which is already distributed with Elasticsearch and therefore can't be included in the plugin zip. This means that the security policy bundled with the plugin will not apply to JNA, yet it should be able to load libvoikko from the system.

Therefore you need to create a custom security policy, granting Elasticsearch itself the permission to load libvoikko:

grant {
  permission "<<ALL FILES>>", "read";
  permission java.lang.reflect.ReflectPermission "";

(You don't really need to grant read access to <<ALL FILES>>, you can pass the location of libvoikko instead.)

Save this as custom-elasticsearch.policy and tell Elasticsearch to load it:


Verify installation

After installing the plugin, you can quickly verify that it works by executing:

curl -XGET 'localhost:9200/_analyze' -d '
  "tokenizer" : "finnish",
  "filter" : [{"type": "voikko", "libraryPath": "/directory/of/libvoikko", "dictionaryPath": "/directory/of/voikko/dictionaries"}],
  "text" : "Testataan voikon analyysiä tällä tavalla yksinkertaisesti."

If this works without error messages, you can proceed to configure the plugin index.


Include finnish tokenizer and voikko filter in your analyzer, for example:

  "index": {
    "analysis": {
      "analyzer": {
        "default": {
          "tokenizer": "finnish",
          "filter": ["lowercase", "voikkoFilter"]
      "filter": {
        "voikkoFilter": {
          "type": "voikko"

You can use the following filter options to customize the behaviour of the filter:

Parameter Default value Description
language fi_FI Language to use
dictionaryPath system dependent path to voikko dictionaries
analyzeAll false Use all analysis possibilities or just the first
minimumWordSize 3 minimum length of words to analyze
maximumWordSize 100 maximum length of words to analyze
libraryPath system dependent path to directory containing libvoikko
poolMaxSize 10 maximum amount of Voikko-instances to pool
analysisCacheSize 1024 number of analysis results to cache


To run the tests, you need to specify voikko.home system property which should point to a directory containing libvoikko shared library and subdirectory dicts which contains the morpho dictionary.


This library is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.