A tweening library for C# game engines and frameworks
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A minimal and extensible tweening library to use with C# - MonoGame, XNA, FNA, Unity and others.


Create an instance of any of the tween classes and call Advance() passing the amount of time that has passed, like this:

public void constructor(){
	_tween = new TweenAnimateDouble(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5), 0, 10, value => x = value, () => Console.WriteLine("Finished!"));

public void Update(GameTime time){



Each tween implements ITween which has the following properties:

  • IsFinished getter returns true when the tween is done, which might mean different things for different tweens.
  • TimeSpan Advance(TimeSpan) advances the tween by specified amount of time and returns how much of the time was used in the execution.
  • void Finish() instantly finishes the tween triggering all callbacks or events that were registered/passed to it.
  • void Skip() skips the execution of the tween marking it finished and not calling any callback or events.


Below is minimal documentation on all the available tween classes:

  • TweenSequence Executes the added tweens in sequence, one by one. When a tween finishes without using up all of the time passed to Advance(), the remaining time is immediately used on the next tween in the queue. Instant tweens lik TweenCallback or TweenAwait take 0 time and an infinite amount of them can run in the same Advance() call.
  • TweenParallel Runs multiple tweens in parallel.
  • TweenAnimateDouble Tweens double from a starting to final value with optional easing; takes an update callback as an argument that is called with the current value at least once per execution of Advance().
  • TweenSleep Waits for the specified amount of time doing nothing
  • TweenAwait Calls the passed function until it returns true
  • TweenCallback Calls the passed function and immediately ends.

Class TweenAnimateBase serves as basis for TweenAnimateDouble and should you want to make another tween that does something similar all you have to do is extend this base class.


This package is available in NuGet as retromono.tweens.


  1. Make sure you have installed NuGet.
  2. Navigate to your project in CLI.
  3. Execute nuget install retromono.tweens

VisualStudio (any version)

  1. In the top menu go to Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Manage NuGet Packages for Solution. The naming can be slightly different in different Visual Studio versions.
  2. Change the tab to Browse.
  3. Type retromono.tweens in the Search field.
  4. Select the package and in the project list on the right click the checkbox next to the projects you want to have this package, select version underneath and press Install.

JetBRains Rider

  1. In the top menu go to Tools -> NuGet -> Manage NuGet Packages for Solution.
  2. Type retromono.tweens in the Search field.
  3. Select the package and in the project list on the right select version and press the plus button next to the projects which you want to have the package installed.


This project is licensed under MIT license.