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  • All JS behavior is kicked off by the call to fetchBlogPosts() (syte/static/js/components/blog-posts.js)

    • This function is added with JQuery after page finishes loading.
  • fetchBlogPosts() handles:

    • Setting up the handlebars template 'environment', etc.
    • Then calls setupLinks()
  • setupLinks() is main entry point for the supported services

    • This attaches behavior to the click event of all 'a' tags.
    • Each click event will determine if it's a link for one of the supported services.
    • If the click is for a supported service:

      • All other service modal dialogs are hidden and the setup* function for the specified service is called.
    • The setup* function for the service is in charge of:

      • Querying server-side endpoint for the service and populating handlebar.js context with json returned.
      • Rendering template for service with handlebar.js