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CraftCMS inside Docker container

Extra small image with basic CraftCMS inside Docker container, based on Alpine Linux with latest PHP (which available from repository of stable Alpine of course).

List of available tags.

How to use

Via Dockerfile

If you want to use this image, but you want to add source code of your application with dependencies, then you need create Dockerfile with content like below in root of your existing CraftCMS project:

FROM evilfreelancer/docker-craftcms

# You can add any folders or files to /app folder in container
ADD ["composer.json". "templates/", "/app"]
# For example in resources you have additional js, css, img etc. files
ADD ["web/resources/", "/app/resources"]

RUN composer update \
 && chown -R apache:apache /app

For building you need just run:

docker build . --tag craftcms-local

The image alpine-apache-php7 has 80 port exposed (apache2 here) by default, so you just need plug your local port with port of container together:

docker run -e SECURITY_KEY=somekey -d -p 80:80 craftcms-local

For example you want to mount some external folders /opt/nfs/assets with static files (images, documents, etc.) or logs to your container, you need to use -v (that mean "volume") key:

docker run \
    -v ./craft/storage:/app/storage \
    -v ./craft/vendor:/app/vendor \
    -v ./craft/web/cpresources:/app/web/cpresources \
    -v /opt/nfs/assets:/app/web/assets \
    -e SECURITY_KEY=somekey \
    -p 80:80 \
    -d craftcms-local

Via command line

You can pull latest (same as with :latest) version of CraftCMS engine from Docker Hub (will be downloaded latest stable version, eg 3.9.99):

docker pull evilfreelancer/docker-craftcms

Or set the tag which you need:

docker pull evilfreelancer/docker-craftcms:3.1.18

Or minor stable version (will be downloaded latest stable version in 3.1 release, eg. 3.1.99):

docker pull evilfreelancer/docker-craftcms:3.1

Or major stable version (will be downloaded latest stable version, eg. 3.9.99):

docker pull evilfreelancer/docker-craftcms:3

Then start the container:

docker run -e SECURITY_KEY=somekey -d -p 80:80 docker-craftcms

Via docker-compose

If you need MySQL with CraftCMS the you need create the docker-compose.yml file and put inside following content:

version: "2"


  # You can use MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL image
    image: mysql:5.7
    restart: unless-stopped
      - 3306:3306
      - MYSQL_DATABASE=craft-production
      - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root_pass
      - MYSQL_USER=craft
      - MYSQL_PASSWORD=craft_pass
      - ./databases/mysql:/var/lib/mysql
      - ./logs/mysql:/var/log/mysql

    image: evilfreelancer/docker-craftcms:3
    restart: unless-stopped
      - 80:80
      # Security key is very important
      - SECURITY_KEY=somekey
      - DB_DSN=mysql:host=mysql;port=3306;dbname=craft-production
      - DB_USER=craft
      - DB_PASSWORD=craft_pass
      # - DB_DSN: pgsql:host=postgres;port=5432;dbname=craft-production
      # - DB_USER: postgres
      # - DB_PASSWORD: ''
      # - DB_SCHEMA: public
      # - DB_TABLE_PREFIX: ''
      # Storage with system logs, cache etc.
      - ./craft/storage/logs:/app/storage/logs
      - ./craft/storage/runtime/cache/us:/app/storage/runtime/cache/us
      # Temapltes of website for development stage
      - ./craft/templates:/app/templates
      # Plugins installed to your project (but better use "docker build context" with custom Dockerfile, example above)
      - ./craft/vendor:/app/vendor
      # Static files, with images, js, css, etc.
      - ./craft/web/cpresources:/app/web/cpresources
      - ./craft/web/assets:/app/web/assets
      - ./craft/web/resources:/app/web/resources
      # ... list of any other folders/files which you need

Run this composition of containers:

docker-compose up -d

Now need fix permissions to importnat folders, it should be apache:apache.

# Login to craftcms container
docker-compose exec craftcms bash

# Fix permissions from inside of container
chown apache:apache .env
chown apache:apache composer.json
chown apache:apache composer.lock
chown apache:apache config/license.key
chown apache:apache -R storage
chown apache:apache -R vendor
chown apache:apache -R web/cpresources

If you mounted storage, vendor, web/cpresources from real drive then changes will be saved.

But how to update the CraftCMS image? That's easy, if you use :latest tag of docker image then you just need:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

And your CraftCMS container will be recreated if new version of CraftCMS container pushed added in repository.

Almost done

Now you need just open this url http://localhost and you'll see the CraftCMS magic. But do not worry if you see the error message, you need install the engine, for this you need open http://localhost/index.php?p=admin/install page and follow the instruction.