A very simple gesture recognition technique using opencv and python
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Simple Gesture Recognition

A gesture recognition project in Python.


This project has been implemented in 2 ways. They are:

  1. Simple Image Processing - In this method I did not use any machine learning, neural networks or anything like that. To know more about it read the README_ip.md.
  2. Convolutional Neural Network. - I used a neural network which was trained on the EMNIST letters dataset. This neural network is used to predict which gesture is made. To more read README_cnn.md.

Got a question?

If you have any questions that are bothering you please contact me on my facebook profile. Just do not ask me questions like where do I live, who do I work for etc. Also no questions like what does this line do. If you think a line is redundant or can be removed to make the program better then you can obviously ask me or make a pull request.