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conversion tools - for revision purposes.

requires parallel and a properly compiled ffmpeg; CUDA and a supported GPU from Nvidia

install parallel

sudo dnf -y install parallel


Nvidia hwaccel enabled - cuda, nvdec, nvenc, libnpp, cuvid, opencl compiled on a Fedora 28 x86_64 system

the focus is on using hardware acceleration and parallel processing as much as possible

essentially we split the file into streams, convert the a video to a base mpeg2 stream (fastest for CPU time), and while we recode the mpeg2 into mpeg4 using your video engine and CUDA (GPU time), I like to convert out a few audio files for compatibility (CPU time). At the end we merge/copy everything together (CPU time). We hold files in shared memory until ready for the final merge/mux. There is a queue to add an srt file properly for the hearing impaired.

speedup my commits

dec-hex-txt folder and *.sh

some simple scripts for when I need to convert between dec <-> hex <-> txt

Pi folder and

simple one liner to calculate Pi - takes scale (decimal places) as input

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