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Fedora Install Scripts & Configs
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Fedora Install Scripts & Configs

added bash scripts to install-sh folder, some script are outdated

enable gdm user autologin

setup .desktop file for autostart - takes in script location

used to step dnf through kernel, apps, graphics drivers to allow updating when perhaps only a graphic module (usually) is not developed enough to update.

used to install the rtl8812 wireless driver using DKMS in Fedora

nvidia setup on Fedora

manually setup Xorg.conf with coolbits 12 to allow for overclocking and fan control

used to set overclocking on a Nvidia GTX 1070

install monero cpu miner (OLD)

install ewbf - zcash/zec - cuda miner

simple commit

install-c folder - sixpair sixpair.c

used to pair controllers similar to the PS3 with bluetooth

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